Writing things
of a frivolous nature.


A selection of my favourite notes and quotes from books that I’ve read.

Status Anxiety

Alain De Botton

Status Anxiety covers the historic, social and political aspects which gave birth to status and the attempts through the ages to nullify it. From John Ruskin to Jane Austin to Jack Kerouac.

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Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse: And Other Lessons from Modern Life

David Mitchell

One of the many truths that politicians will never utter is that their mediocrity is, ultimately, a reflection of our own - or failure to understand, scrutinise and care, which is then exacerbated by the disappointing people that that failure allows to come to prominence.

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The Accidental Universe

Alan Lightman

Perhaps it would be better just to remain sitting and wait for the end. No, thank you.

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An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth

Chris Hadfield

If seeing 16 sunrises a day and all of Earth’s variety steadily on display for five months had taught me anything, it was that there are always more challenges and opportunities out there than time to experience them.

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