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Your Three Selves

This is a simple technique to help with motivation & planning or an amazing way to feel schizophrenic. It’s good for the small things in life like chores. I can’t actually remember where I discovered this technique, I can only blame my past self for not noting it down, if you know anything about its origins please let me know.

The past, present & future self

Your present self is affected by the actions of your past self. For example, you wake up one morning & you remember your past self, on discovering you’d ran out of milk last night, braved the cold, dark night to get a bottle so you won’t have to go out this morning. Nice work past self!

Your present self has the power to affect the state of your future self. Sounds obvious but your actions have consequences. When you’re doing something think ‘Will I be screwing over my future self?’. For example I’m going to take the Christmas tree to the recycle center today so I give my future self a break tomorrow.

Your present self can learn from the mistakes of your past self & choose to help out your future self.

As with all of these kinds of techniques it’s not infallible. I often forget to use it. But it’s a nice way of thinking when you’re on the cusp of deciding whether to do something or not. Especially if you don’t really want to do it. “Oh go on then, I’ll be helping out my future self.”


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